Ivette - Nina's Guardian Angel #1



Nina’s Chariott to a Wonderful New Life
Nina’s rescue story started when Ivette posted a plea for help.  She discovered Nina near a construction yard where huge equipment was held during the night.  It was relatively fenced and Nina had been calling it her turf for almost a year now.  She had been abandoned when she was just a pup, according to Ivette.  Ivette had been feeding her for quite a few months now but had been unsuccessful in capturing her to take her to safety.  Some constructions workers didn’t mind her and would throw her a sandwich or some other snack once in a while.  Other constructions workers didn’t like her and would yell at her to get lost.  She was pretty confused as to who she could trust and where she really belonged.  When Brigitte saw Ivette’s plea for help things started falling into place.  Brigitte worked diligently to find a humane trap but to no avail.  She finnaly broke down and bought one.  Brigitte befriended JoAnn and her husband Tom from West Palm who traveled to deep South Miami to set up the trap and try to coax Nina at least 4 different times (4 hour round trip).  Brigitte called about 9:30 Saturday night to update me that Nina had been captured.  Ivette was alone at the construction site with the trapped dog and did not want to leave her for fear Nina might be hurt or afraid if left alone.  JoAnn and Tom had just returned home from Miami – setting the trap – to get the call that she was in it.  When Brigitte called Rocky and I brought Ivette some hot cocoa and the camera and wanted to make sure she was not alone.  We would wait with her.  When we got there it was very cold, the trap was chained to a pole and we were ankle deep in mud.  We offered to bring Nina 1/2 way to Jo and Tom but the trap was chained to the pole… That is until Rocky got a hold of it.  He loosened the pole from the ground and proceeded to pick it right up, through the chain and the trap was free.  We went home to get the big comforter to cover the cage.  It was so cold we wanted to protect Nina from the bite of the wind on the road.  And off we took.  We met at Brigitte and Mike’s where JoAnn and Tom were waiting in front of the fireplace with celebratory wine glasses.  Nina is now at Jo and Tom’s house – along with 12 other rescues and the rest speaks for itself. 
Love from Nanna

Nina's Angels # 2,3,4,5,6 & 7






Nina passes through the door to a new life!


Happy Birthday Grandma!

We celebrated Grandma Ruth’s Birthday at Havana Spice.  Very fun.  It was a cool day though and Grandma about froze into a popsicle.  She kept saying, “I’m not cold, no really, I’m not cold.”

Be Mine!

 …all as her teeth chattered – her lips turned blue – and started shaking like a leaf.  Pappa gave her his jacket (white knight that he is). 

For Valentines Day, Pappa made me this beautiful red velvet cake with homemade mint fondant.  He hand decorated it and is presenting it on one knee….  I love that man!
I baked chocolate chip cookie brownies with a big red heart for him. 
I know, we both really need these great deserts… but it sure is fun!
Lots of Love,


Sweet Love....

      Thank you Shelly, for Oma’s new Handmade Pillow Case from the Triple Martini Lunch Boutique (coming soon).  She loves it, can you tell by her grin?  The pillow case fits perfectly and is well made using 100% pre-washed cotton.  It has a charming African Violet print with a sweet ruffle.  Oma always sits on the sofa with a pillow behind her.  Now she will remember how much she is loved by Michelle and family every time she approaches the couch. 

Lots of love,




Do you notice the full palm on the ball?  The ball is in mid dribble, he’s leaning into it, foot raised, ready to take off across the court.  Did you know Jason is ambidextrous?

He’s just as good with his right hand.   Best part…he’s not even two yet!

Oma and Brandie, Lots of Love!

I love you all,


Now I lay me down to sleep…

Can you feel the love in this great family photo?  My heart bursts with pride while I watch Mommy and Daddy watch their little one.  This is moments before prayer time.  Jason is just getting used to his new bed.  He loves it now and feels very grown up when he decides to go lay down all by himself.    This moment will be in my soul forever.

I love you,
Boo Boo 😦

Jason had a fall at the museum today and needed 4 stitches on his chin. 

Carrying a bloody baby, with bloody shirt to the front desk Mommy asked if someone was there that specialized in first aid, the volunteer at the desk said something along the line of “yes” and went about his work.  One needed to be there to witness Mommy Michelle’s reaction to this imbecile!   Yes, the guy is alive but his pay has been cut to negative $500 a day!
At the hospital Jason was incredibly co-operative for the stitches.  It got a little tough when his legs were being restrained by one person, his shoulders and head by another and his arms by another.  His cries went along the lines of: “Mommy is here, Daddy is here, I’ Stuck!  Lets go home!” 
He’s such a little champ.  We love you Jason!
See you tomorrow,

Our West Coast Fur Cousins, Rambo and Angel

Rambo and Angel make a beautiful pair.  Brother and Sister share a special bond.  
Chris knows… He’s got sibling dogs. 
Michelle and Brian lucked out with their two kitties.  Even though they are not sisters they act like it.  They  rough and tumble (Leah and Jason included) as though they were born together. 
These California beach pictures are amazing.  I can almost feel the cool breeze and hear the seagulls.  I bet these pups loved it.
Can’t wait to see you Pete,
I love you,

A Man and His Dogs


Wait, I gotta help Mom Dig..Dig…Dig!


It's STRAWBERRIES! Brandie LOVES strawberries!

  What a surprise to discover Brandie LOVES Strawberries!  Pappa just wanted to show her that she probably didn’t really want them (while he was cleaning them etc) so he showed her the cut off top and she wanted to eat it.  Then Pappa offered her slices of strawberries and she couldn’t quit!  You’d have thought she was getting steak!  The only other strawberry lovers I know that like strawberries that much


are Shelly and Jason!

Then of course we have Oma with her beloved herring, which Annette and I enjoyed just as much.
And lastly, we have Ice cream…. she only got the one teaspoon…don’t worry we are keeping her on her diet…thank goodness strawberries are GREAT for diets!
Lots of Love,

How Many Dogs in this Picture?



One big happy doggy family!  Do you see the smiles?  That’s Rocky in center stage, singing a little.  He was trying to tell his dad that a stranger was in the house (that would be me!) 

Chris is at the Bee Convention.  He’s quite proficient as a bee keeper and has become an expert.  He’s actually in charge of a conservation area and specifically raises bees on the land.  Very interesting and DELICIOUS honey! 

We are awaiting your arrival Pete!  Can’t wait. 

Lots of love

Chris stopped by on his way to Jacksonville's Bee Convention

Nanna, teaching about Foreclosure Defense!

Hey Mom! What's that tomato doing in your soup?


Ach! Itz just shvimming in my soupe!


  That tomato just jumped off Oma’s sandwich into her soup!  The crazies things tickle Oma’s funny bone.  She has the MOST contagious laugh too.  Once she starts, there is no way not to join in.  Her sense of humor is sometimes hidden but once it comes out the whole room lights up!  She had both me and Annette cracking up on this one!
Love you,

LOTS of LAUGHS!...notice the chuckle on her face!

A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do


So does Nanna!

Miami hasn’t seen this kinda cold since 1977.  There is not a space heater to be found anywhere in the city!  Thank goodness Pappa likes to bake cakes!  

Brian, Shelly and Jason had to wear long underwear to go out yesterday.   The only thing I can think of that was urgent enough for a trip like that was a Leah walk! 
Michael did his part in keeping the fur kids happy.  Heard it was in the mid 20’s in Coral Springs.   Brrrrrrr.
Michael and the Cold Fur Kids

  Bundle up, cause Nanna loves you all! 

Ya, Ya, Ya, Just call me.

What a creative bunch of guesses! 

Hard to believe but Oma got it! The whole answer!  Michelle guessed right too but not completely like Oma.  Should Michelle just get 1/2 a Rum Cake?

Since Oma is not on line I printed out a picture for her and of course she asked me where I got it. 

 I explained that it was a secret until the contest was over….about 3 or 4 times… I was visiting with her right after one of Pete’s calls and just relaxing in the chair across from her spot on the sofa.  We were just chatting and suddenly she’d say: “Where did you get the picture?” and I’d laugh and repeat that she has to guess and that she could win a yummy Rum Cake from Pappa.  She’d shake her head, laugh and keep chatting about something else.   A few minutes later she’d say: “So, where did you get it?”  This went on for about 1/2 hour when suddenly she says: “I know where you got it!” and sure enough she guessed it.  

The only thing is I can’t say online because it’s still supposed to be a secret!  

Ok…know this…Oma has the answer and she has full authority to tell anyone she wants…I just can’t post it online (you know- just in case) 

Oma is the winner of the contest and she is also the winner cause now she’ll get a bunch of phone calls from curious family members!  Right?!  

It was fun for me!  How was it for you?! #@)$*$%($&(@#~~!!


Nanna loves you all!

I Know the Secret! LOL!


Who said that? Where are they?!
Karin, Tante Marianne and Ilse Christmas 2009

Here is a great photo of our cousins and our aunt in Germany!  You must guess how I got the picture.  You only get one guess, please post it in the comments so we all can see.  The winner gets ….. hmmm, what should the winner get? I know… the winner gets a surprise!  No, that won’t work.  How about the winner gets one of Rocky’s home-baked Rum Cakes?  They are out of this world.  If the winner is in Florida, you get the actually cake, delivered to your front door (I ain’t saying when).  If the winner is outside of Florida, you’ll get even better than that and I’ll talk Rocky into sharing the recipe. 

I love you all!
Offer expires 1/7/10 at midnight


From Miss Marley’s Perspective

Sometimes it makes sense to look at things from another perspective.  I get stuck on stuff sometimes and kinda go around in circles….like a nightmare that repeats itself all night….only it’s daytime….and it’s real.  I must take control of my rambling thoughts.  My mind is powerful and I can direct my thoughts to productive action.  At first I have to keep repeating my convictions over and over.  As time goes on my repetitions become more automated and before too long its second nature.  Reminds me of learning to drive a car.   I’m going to take a clue from Miss Marley and try a different perspective.  Anyway, I’ve got a plan and I am working it. 

Love you all,

Brandie test sleeping Leah's new Sleeping Bag Doggie Bed


On the road with Grandma Ruth...Brandie gains more points for this bear hug!


Did you say "Face First or Feet First?" Jason & Shelly looking for doggie bones!


Thank you Shelly for this Beautifully Handcrafted Apron! I will put it to good use!


Son serenading Mom! You should have been there!


Happy New Year Brian and Shelly!


Jason:"Night, Night" Pappa: "OK, after your bath. OK?" J:"K"


Margaret Ruth...wouldn't let me photograph the dip in the making...although she did share the secret recipe with only those family members that swear to keep it in Jason's bloodline.

Rocky, Oma and I enjoying the Eve of New Years Eve dinner together.

Delicious Creamed Shrimp over Noodles

 This recipe is soooo easy and delicious!

1 can of shrimp soup
1/2 can water
2 Tb butter + drizzle of olive oil
1 stalk clean celery, chopped
1/2 sweet onion, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped (optional)
1/4 tsp Cajun seasoning (add more if you like it zestier)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Sliced green onions for garnish
Saute vegetables in butter & olive oil till tender add soup, water and seasoning.  Cook for 3 – 5 minutes to heat thoroughly.
1 lb of shrimp, peeled and deveined (I used frozen that I had found on sale, thawed it under running water, peeled the tails and dried in paper towels)
1 tsp Cajun seasoning
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper
1 inch of cooking oil in frying pan 
Mix flour and seasoning in paper (or plastic) bag.  Add VERY DRY shrimp to coat and fry in hot oil for about 5 minutes, turn half way through.  Shrimp are done when color turns solid.  Making sure the shrimp is dry will cause a crispy coating.
Serve over a bed of cooked noodles or cooked rice with your favorite vegetables on the side.  Garnish with green onions.
I kept the sauce and shrimp separate until served because I really liked the shrimp crispy.  If I added it to the sauce for too long the coating turns soft.
Serves 4 generous portions

Oma, Schatzie and I are on a little walk around the block in this photo. 

Oma is wearing her new very soft and very comfy sweater from Brigitte.  Thank you Brigitte, she’s worn it everyday since she’s gotten it. 

Also, wrapped around her legs is a very soft and very comfy blanket Annette whipped up by hand.  She also has used the blanket every day.  Thank you Annette, she loves the blanket.

Now the big question is:  Is Oma wearing the beautiful, soft and comfy night-gown she received from Pete and Rosa for Christmas?  You will all have to guess on that one, cause I ain’t tellin’…! BTW…Thank you Pete and Rosa for the great nightie.

I love you all,










                             dragon fruit tree.jpg

All Right Family! 

I challenge you to try something fun and rewarding!

While visiting Peter and Rosa last month, Rosa turned me on to the most delicious fruit ever.  It was gently sweet and succulent and I’ve craved it ever since.  Rosa sent me home with several large chunk of peel that is full of seeds.  I put the peels on a plate on the patio and allowed peel and seeds to dry out. 

Now….I’m ready to plant the seeds…so as is typical these days, when I don’t know, I google it.  Here’s what I found:

Dragon Fruit seeds germinate very quickly.

1.  Place potting soil and sand mixture in container

2. Sprinkle seeds on top

3. Cover with a VERY LIGHT layer of soil mixture

4. Keep moist (but not drenched)

5. Cover with plastic bag until the seeds sprout – to retain moisture

6.  Remove plastic cover once seeds have sprouted to prevent mold

Dragon Fruit plants are actually cactus that like to climb and cling to trees, trellises, fences or some other type of support.  They grow relatively quickly and become large.  The flowers bloom at night.  They can stand temps up to 104 and will tolerate a short freeze, but not a prolonged freeze.  I saw pictures of some plant in large pots and that’s what I would do if my area was in a freeze zone.  Since I’m not, my plant will end up in the yard and if we get freeze warnings I’ll cover the plant. 

I’m very excited to get the seeds started and will probably use a plastic container that has the lid attached, like what cherry tomatoes come in.  By the way, you’ll need to find a China Market or Asian grocery store to get your first fruit.  I won’t be able to hold out till my plants bear fruit…I’m going to google a China Market in my area right now!

I love you all!

Congratulations to Shelly, Brian and Jason on two new memebers of the family.  These lucky kitties just hit easy street!

Do we have a name for this little tuxedo girl yet?

Jason, meet Maxine…Max for short.

Can’t wait to meet them in person next week.

Love you all,