Wow!  I planned on writing before noon and the day got away from me! Oh Well.  Started at 6am with Oma, went on a 30 minute dog walk, followed by a 12 mile bike ride.  All the way to Kendall Drive & US 1 & back.  I loved it.  Picked up $80 worth of groceries on the way home, put them away just in time to give Oma a shower, tuck her in for a nap, cut the grass with Dad, shower, give Oma lunch, AND THEN….Oma went to Wal-Mart with me!  Do you believe it?  Forget all that Hospice stuff we were talking about last weekend!  She is amazing.  Funny thing is that when we arrived home and pulled in her drive way she asked if we could go somewhere.  I said sure, where would you like to go?  Oma: “I don’t know”  Me:  “How about an ice cream?” Sure enough we went to get ice cream.  Who cared that is was 1/2 hour before dinner?!  When you are 83 and leaving Hospice in the dust you can have ice cream for dinner or breakfast or what ever you want…right? 

I spoke with Justin Lyden today and he and Adriana are engaged as of last night!  Oma and I talked about it for a while on the way to Wal-Mart.

Check out what Oma told me about her engagement.

She and Dad met on New Years Eve.  Dad was actually supposed to go out with Lisle, Oma’s best friend.  You know how that goes…. never as planned…

Dad proposed to Oma on the anniversary of their first meeting, New Year’s Eve 1947.  They were so excited to be getting married.  Dad sent his mother and sisters a beautiful engagement announcement.  His mother Rosa and sister Marianne were in East Germany at the time and Mom and Dad were in West Germany.  In response to the announcement Marianne sent a letter back telling them she was real happy for them, they should celebrate like royalty while she, her siblings and her mother went without food in East Germany.  Talk about a cold shower… 😦 Anyway, Mom asked her father, Arthur, to help get Dad’s family out of East Germany.  Arthur did.  He was a butcher so he brought massive quantities of meat, wurst and money to the “authorities” that granted the paperwork for the family to come to West Germany.  While this was going on Dad was deployed to the Russian war zone.  He had been there for months when he became extremely sick.  The doctors removed a portion of his intestines because they became gangrenous from eating grass boiled in tin cans.  There was no food at the Russian front and the soldiers did what they could to survive.  Dad almost died during that hospital stay.  He had just been released from the hospital and was in the care of Mom and her parents when Dad’s mother and sister arrived by train in West Germany.  Arthur and Mom greeted them at the train station with horse and buggy.   Rosa immediately demanded to know where her son was…didn’t he have the courtesy to greet his mother at the station?!  Of course she was told why he wasn’t able to be there.  Rosa and Marianne stayed in a rooming house that had army cots lined up for sleeping.  It was kind of a halfway house for refugees.  There wasn’t any housing available for anyone.  Even Mom and her parents lived in one room.  They each had beds but Dad was put up on the sofa.  None the less it was better than army cots.  As soon as Rosa and Marianne settled into their cots they insisted that Dad must join them in the rooming house.  And he did, as sick as he was…it broke Mom’s heart.  He stayed there with Rosa and Marianne until they were married May 20, 1948.  And Mom said “That was my engagement.”

I’m sure glad they toughed it out! — Actually we should all be.

Love you


Look, they still had it...The Look of Love!

Look, they still had it...The Look of Love!