Came home from visiting our Bachman family this afternoon. I enjoyed the trip beyond imagination! Jason now says “Cheese” for the camera. He’s such a love. I miss him already.

Dad told me Oma took a fall this morning. She couldn’t get up herself and she’s too big for Annette by herself. By the grace of God Rocky was home and was able to lift her. Oma is somewhat sore but doesn’t have any bruises or other marks from the fall. Thank you, Lord for saving her from any broken bones.

Annette was so exausted from being 100% “ON” for 72 hours straight that she could hardly move. Thank goodness they are right behind me. I can at least provide some relief…but being gone for 3 days straight is tough on Annette.

Oma spoke with Erna in Chicago for almost 30 minutes tonight. They have been friends since Germany and still keep in touch.

Love Nanna