Oma gets a kick out of the craziest things…wanna hear what she totally cracked up about?  And not just a little she was practically rolling on the floor! 

I asked her what she had for lunch…

“Mom, what did you have for lunch today?”

“Oh, Annette made me sunny side up eggs with toast.  Oh yea, I also had pickled peppers.  It was very good”

Me: “Pickled peppers?  I’ve never had pickled peppers.  Are they good?”

Her: “Oh yes, they are very good.  I enjoyed them very much.”

Me: “Hmm.  What do they look like?”

She: “They’re in the refrigerator, go ahead and see for yourself”

I open the fridge and see a jar just like below.  Close the fridge and say “Oh”

Pickled Peppers

Pickled Peppers

She: “Go ahead and have some.  They are very good”

Me: “Do you eat them with anything?  or just plain?”

She: “Oh, just plain.  You don’t need anything else.  They are very good, go ahead and have one.”

Me taking a pickled pepper out of the jar and popping it into my mouth:


Took 50+years off my age!

Took 50+years off my age!

Mom:  see picture of her rolling on the floor laughing!

Oma, It took 30 years off her age!!

Oma, It took 30 years off her age!!

AHHHHHAAAAAA! AHHHHHHAAAAA! (With German accent, of course!)
Lots of Love,