We are on the way back to see Jason again!  Pappa missed out on last weekend so we are headed back to Tampa tomorrow.

The only thing is it leaves a big burden on Annette.  24/7 is tough going.  Brigitte is coming down about noon on Sunday and that should help out for the afternoon.  Rocky and I will be back by Sunday dinner time.

The weather is slowly turning to fall…which in Miami means the humidity level drops…but only a little.  Regardless it’s turning nicer and Oma is spending time outside.  She walks the rotunda that makes up her patio.  Round and around.  Good excercise for her though.  Today she asked me where my face was.  She couldn’t see it very well.  We had to line up just right in her field of vision so she could barely make out my face.  She does a lot by feel these days.  She doesn’t complain as much about her loss of vision as she did when it first went really bad a few months ago.  But she is still grieving.  I would be too if I lost my vision.  The world is so beautiful and colorful…I can’t even imagine blindness.  I don’t like to think about it.  I wish that health could be reflected in how much someone is loved.   Oma would live forever!

Love you,