Alright…Brian “allowed” me and Rocky to visit our grandson for the second weekend in a row.  We had to bribe him by agreeing to cook and do the dishes while we were here.  It’s worth it.  Jason is THE CUTEST!

Jason is free as a bird!

Jason is free as a bird!

It’s too much fun to drive to Tampa to see Shelly, Brian and Jason.  He changes so much even in just a week.  We watched him throw the ball to Leah using the throw stick.  He’s a pro!  Leah even brings the ball back to him to throw it again.  He says so many words I’ve lost count.  And he’s started talking in sentences.  “What are you doing?” is a favorite.  We’ve gotta watch our language cause he repeats everything.

Brian and Pappa both started blogging over this weekend.  They will both be sending out invitations once they have things set up.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll be talking about! 

We had a fun Triple Martini photo shoot tonight.  You’ll see them at very soon.

We’ll be home tomorrow night & will give an Oma update then.

Lots of love,