Oma had more TIA symptoms during the night last night.  TIAs are Transient Ischemic Attacksaka mini strokes.   We are lucky in that Oma’s TIAs usually resolve themselves within a day or two.  It usually leaves her exhausted and feeling weak.  Most of the time her bladder control is impacted which usually has a good degree of improvement over time.   She is under a Dr’s care and they are fully aware of her TIAs.  Again, Annette is an intensive care nurse and we along with Oma are very blessed to have her on the case.  Oma is in good spirits today.  Annette, Brigitte, Oma and I spent some time visiting on Oma’s patio this afternoon.  Oma said she felt really good with all three girls together.  She really wanted Peter there with us too.  He was the topic of conversation…Congrats Pete on the sale of your Chicago home.  The weather is turning really nice…not quite so humid now.  Brigitte spent the afternoon taking care of Oma and brought tons of groceries and Mr. Food dinners.  She also fixed dinner for Annette and Oma tonight. 

We have a tight family.  Everybody really loves each other and we all take great care of our Oma.  Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

Love Nanna