It’s amazing at how quickly Oma comes back from those TIAs.  She’s doing very well today.  Walked around the patio with her “Rolls Royce” walker, as she calls it.  She spoke with Peter a little while ago and that always recharges her batteries.

Well, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  I think Stephanie, Adam and Ilona might be here.  Possibly Tony, Angie, Jennifer and Ashley too.  I’m hoping Mariah and Christian will come down.  Michelle, Brian and Jason have already confirmed! YEA!  Now ~ that’s all the people who might be staying here at our house.  Remember we’ll also have our regulars for Thanksgiving Day: Brigitte, Michael, Dillon, Christopher, Marie, Grandma Ruth, Oma, Annette, me and Rocky will make 23!  Pete and Rosa – won’t you try to make Thanksgiving too!  It would be a whole family reunion!

Anyway, I was thinking that if everyone does show up that we’ll take turns making dinner.  Each family takes one evening meal and is in total charge of it.  All they need to do is provide me with a grocery list before they come so I can get everything they need for “their” meal.  The family in charge each night takes care of cooking, setting the table and clean up afterwards.  Thanksgiving day we all help though.  I think it would be fun to see what each family prepares and to only be “on duty” one day of the long weekend. 

Let me know what you think of the idea.  I’m so looking forward to having a house full of people I really love!  Can’t wait!

 ... thanksgiving and a turkey

Thanksgiving in Sunny South Florida!

I love you all,