As bad as this picture is it is one of the better pictures of Oma enjoying herself !  Lot’s of laughing & love.
Oma & Grandma Ruth

Oma & Grandma Ruth Tonight

 Grandma Ruth: “You know I lost my best friend last week” 

Oma: “I know, did you know I lost two of my best friends also?”

GR: “I know, Renate told me.”

Oma: “How old was your friend?”

GR: “81.  How old were your friends?”

Oma: ”One was a year older than me and the other was two years older than me”

GR: “Yea, now that I’m getting up there my eyes are giving me trouble.”

Oma: “Oh, I have much eye trouble too.  And I can’t hear any more.  And I get dizzy.  And I can’t walk too much…”

GR: ” I have cataracts and I can’t wear a hearing aid because my nerves in my ear are shot.  Why don’t you wear hearing aides in both of your ears?”

Oma: “Oh, I am deaf in the left ear and blind in the left eye.”

Oma: “Ich war nicht während der Nacht naß.”

GR: “Oh”

Me: “Mom! English please”

Oma: “Oh She can understand me”

GR: “Yea, I got it!”  (right!?)

Me: “Oh, Ok”

GR: “I have physical therapy 3 times a week now” As she lifts her leg straight up off the couch and practically touches her nose with her knee!  Her foot is straight up in the air and she looks like a ballerina sitting on the couch with her leg extended straight as an arrow in front of her nose!  I didn’t have the camera, but I will be sure to get a picture next time she pulls this stunt. 

This bantering about each of their health conditions went on for quite a while and covered topics from walking in bare feet, to adult diapers made for laughing, to “God will take us when he’s ready”. 

Annette and I enjoyed listening to the two of them.  Oma didn’t want Ruth to go.  They laughed, and hugged and finally said “Good Night”.

I love you,