Kaiser loving Oma

Kaiser loving Oma

This beautiful photo of Kaiser and Oma was taken in January ’05.  Thank you, Brigitte!

Travis visited Oma last Thursday evening.  She loves his lively visits and told him “There is no one to debate with anymore.”  (….so that’s why she needles Annette the way she does!) 

Their discussion covered quite a variety of topics and Oma went back and forth between German and English.  At one point I again said: “Oma, English please”  and her response was along the line of “Well, some of my grandchildren should learn German!”  Travis responded by saying “Oma, I would like to learn to speak German.”  She: “Ach…Good Luck!” to which we all cracked up!

Travis discussed a book he just finished reading about certain Hawaiian philosophies.  Very specifically the concepts of speaking to our Creator in the following manner:

“I love You”

“I am sorry”

“Please forgive me”

“Thank You”

Oma, Annette and I listened intently to Travis’ insights and I could see that Oma was memorizing the four concepts.  When Travis was finished, Oma said “I do that.  That is how I live my life, I say all those things all the time, you hear me say them don’t you?”  Later that night she asked me to repeat the 4 concepts, which I did.  The next day she asked once more to have me repeat the list of four.  In the process she has made me memorize them…too sharp on her part!