From the book, “Zero Limits”…

SID – Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono

Taking 100% responsibility for yourself, looking only at yourself, and allowing the removal of negative and unwanted energies within you.

 I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

 1. Continuously clean

2. Take action on ideas and opportunities that come your way.

3. Continously clean.

 When you let go of your ego and your ego’s desires, you allow something better to guide you: the Divine.

 Three stages to awakening or enlightenment…

 1.  You’re a victim.  We are virtually born feeling we are powerless.  Most of us stay that way.  We think the world is out to get us: the government, the neighbors, the society, the bad guys in whatever form they seem to take.  We don’t feel we have any influence.  We’re the effect of the rest of the world’s cause.  We gripe, complain, protest, and gather in groups to fight those in charge of us.  Except for a party now and then, life, in general, sucks.

 2.  You’re in control.  At some point you see a life changing movie, like “the secret,” or you read a book such as “think and grow rich,” and you wake up to your own power.  You realize the power of setting intentions.  You realize the power you have to visualize what you want, take action, and achieve it.  You begin to experience some magic.  You start to experience some cool results.  Life, in general, begins to look pretty good.

 3. You’re awakeing.  At some point after stage 2, you begin to realize your intentions are limitations.  You begin to see that with all your newfound power, you’re still not able to control everything.  You begin to realize that when you surrender to a greater power, miracles tend to happen.  You begin to let go, and trust.  You begin to practice, moment by moment, awareness of your connection with the Divine.  You learn to recognize inspiration when it comes to you, and you act on it.  You realize you have choice but not control of tour life.  You realize the greatest thing you can do is agree to each moment.  In this stage, miracles happen, and they constantly astonish you as they do.  You live, in general, in a constant state of amazement, wonder, and grattitude. Some people think they understand the voice of inspiration by paying attention to the tone of the voices they hear in their heads.  A friend once said, “I know the difference between my ego’s voice and inspiration’s voice because the ego has an urgency to it an inspiration is gentler.” This can be deceiving.  A voice that sounds harsh and a voice that sounds gentle are still voices from the ego.  Even right now, as you read these words, you are talking to yourself.  You are questioning what you are reading.  You’ve come to identify with that voice and to think it’s you.  It’s not.  Divinity, and inspiration, are behind those voices.  As you keep practicing ho’oponopono, you keep getting clearer about what is actually inspiration and what isn’t.

Dr. Hew Len – “this is not a fast food approach to healing, it takes time.” Awakening can happen any time.  Even while reading these words.  Or taking a walk. Or petting a dog. The situation doesn’t matter.  Your internal state does.  And it all begins, and ends, with one beautiful phrase: “I love you.”

 Travis Smith

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