Wow!  It’s been too long since I’ve written! 

I have a great project going and try to devote as much time as possible to GET IT DONE!

Oma is doing great.  Last night Pappa Rock, Annette and I did the Roll Over Trick with Oma.

Should have gotten pictures…. oh well… she did kinda look like this!

A couple of years ago Rocky discovered that his dizziness was caused by small bones that had broken inside his ear.  The small particles moved around and sometimes lay against the eardrum.  If they touched the eardrum he would lose his balance and he even fell twice as a result. 

The remedy he found was to gently and slooooowly roll completely over toward the side he was having trouble with while laying on the bed and hanging the head off the bed toward the floor.  This roll over move caused the small bone chips to move to the other side of a natural bump in the ear, away from the eardrum.  In Rocky’s case it solved the problem 100%.  He has suggested it to several friends, one as recent as a couple of weeks ago.  It was the great success his friend raved of that made him suggest that Oma might be able to benefit from the ROLL OVER~!

We performed the acrobatics last night.  We still haven’t heard if she considers it a success or not.  She hesitates to say yet.

(In all other cases the success was immediate) sooooo….. we’ll hear when ever she’s ready to let us know.

Back to work, work, work!

Lots of love,