After Dr Lunch!

Dr apt went just fine.  Here’s the scoop:

The eye chart reading didn’t change from the last visit.

The pressure in the left (Blind) eye was 48 – extremely high and has been for a very long time.  They don’t actually treat it because that eye is already blind.

The pressure in the right eye was 22 – 2 points higher than the last visit- not good.  The Dr. wants to bring that back down and has prescribed Alphagan drops twice a day. 

Oma’s field of vision is very, very tiny…  Like she can see from less than 1/4 of the right eye… no peripheral vision to speak of.  For example: She will feel for the dogs next to her chair thinking they might be next to her, she can’t see if they are there or not unless she moves her whole head so the tiny seeing area of her eye is lined up with what ever she wants to look at. 

Doc says she has dry macular degeneration as a result of myopia.

Overall, what Doc is looking for is dramatic changes from the last visit.  For today, all is well.

There were three other elderly people in the office with their caregivers.  It made me realize there’s A LOT of elderly folks out there that are very lucky to have children to take care of them.

All of you that are putting off having kids… NOW is the time if you want them old enough to take care of you when you need it!! LOL!!

Love you!