Oma did this EXACTLY - just use your imagination!

Alright… I walk into Oma’s house with camera in hand.  After general niceties I pull out my little camera to have her say: “Oh no!  Please! No!”  Like I’m torturing her. 

“O.K. Mom, It’s O.K., I won’t” I say, but I had already pushed the on button.  Even though I was going to put it away the thing wouldn’t turn on!  I tried a couple more things, jiggled the battery, open & closed the door etc.  Nothing worked.  It wouldn’t turn on.  I started laughing and told Oma it was her fault ~ after all she put it out there that she didn’t want a picture today.  At first she was serious – deciding if she wanted to have hurt feelings or not… but then she decided to join my laughter and grinned from ear to ear. (wish I coulda gotten it on film!)

We visited for a few minutes but I’m jammed for time right now with the finishing of “The Manual” so I came home.  When I put the camera on my desk it turned on…all by itself!  What is this!??! Yea, no kidding.  It works perfectly.  Took these photos to prove it!



The Boss in the Director's Chair

 May Oma’s connection to the Universe be inherited!

Lots of Love,