East and West Coast Bathroom Readers!

Pete and I discovered we are currently reading the same author’s sequential writings!  The funny thing is The Relaxation Response was written in 1975 and Beyond the Relaxation Response in 1978.  What are the chances?!  Rosa said that’s cause we are brother & sister… bet she’s right!


Mommies are getting younger & younger!

Twins!  Double the fun.  Thank you Oma, little Ilona enjoyed her new babies at Pete’s house.


Cooking lessons by appointment only!

Rosa & Pete put together this wonderful & light dinner.  Fish – Swai, salad, corn on the cob, Jicama – a light and crisp fruit almost like apple.  Both Rosa and Pete look very healthy and trim.  They cook light like this all the time.  Think I’ll take a page from their book & try to do the same.

Tomorrow – Miami!

Love you,