Brandie & I were walking today just before dinner when she spotted an injured quaker parrot walking on the ground a few houses down the street.  He looked just like the picture.

I took Brandie home and came back with a blanket.  It was easy to catch the little guy.  I ended up taking him to Lloyd Brown, a wild life rescuer that lives about 5 minutes away.   Lloyd evaluated him.  At first he thought his elbow was broken and that he’d never fly again.  He asked if I wanted a pet.  After I said no, he said that’s ok, I’ve got a waiting list for birds like this.  He checked the bird out one more time and discovered it was not his elbow but his wrist that was broken.  Lloyd like that better because there is a greater chance that he’ll fly again if it’s the wrist.

A few months ago I took an orphaned baby possum to him.  The possum’s mamma had been hit by a car and was dead on the side of the road right in front of Oma’s house.  Brandie also found that baby crawling in the grass crying. 

Good Job Brandie!  Nanna’s proud of you!

I love you all,