Keiser Franz Josef Torte


Pappa made the BEST Cheesecake I have EVER eaten!  This is a forever recipe that only blood relatives will ever be privy to!  Count yourself lucky if you are in love with with anyone in the Smith bloodline cause you’ll be greatful for the rest of your lives!

Oma said it was soooo delicious that it deserved to be called “Kaiser Franz Josef Torte”.  She said both her and Opa were born under Kaiser Franz Josef.  Kaiser Franz had a brother, refered to as Prince Franz Ferdinand, that was assigned to be ambassador to Sarajevo.  Both the Prince and his beloved wife were shot and killed while on a peace mission to Sarajevo, leading to World War I.  Franz Josef reigned for 68 years, the third longest in the recorded history of Europe.

On another note, Arthur Gartner, Oma’s father served in the infantry regiment known as Kaiser Konliches Yager (Kaiser’s Kingly Hunters) also known as K & K 42 in the year 1942.

Next topic of conversation: Oma still has a cookbook given to her by her mom when she was just 15 years old.  It’s called “So Kocht Man in Vien” or “This is How One Cooks in Viena”.  It’s the 50 year Jubileum edition and is tattered from being well used.  Maybe I can find a translated version??

Love you all,