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The Bachman Family

Sleepy Boy All Done...

Mariah and Christian and Shelly, Brian, and Jason traveled from Tampa to round out our Thanksgiving table.  Jason had a flu shot just a little over a week ago and ended up with a full-blown flu – every flu symptom you can think of he had.  As long as he had Mom and Dad close by he tolerated everything else well.  He did the best when both were right there.  He was very cuddly this holiday and very low-key.  Not like himself at all. 
Shelly and Brian took Jason to the park Sunday morning just before the family left to go back to Tampa.  They plan the 4+ hour trip so they leave about the time Jason is ready for a nap.  That way he thinks the drive to Nanna’s house is only a little over an hour.  Smart. 
We should all travel that way.
Lots of love,