We had a follow-up visit to the eye Dr today.  The pressure in Oma’s right eye is still higher than the Dr would like.  We are trying new medication and will be back in his office in three weeks.

Oma brought printouts from the internet to the Dr with her so she could talk to him about nightmares caused by the initial mediation.  Go Oma!

The nightmares are so severe that she’s loosing sleep.  They are also so terrible she won’t tell us what they are about… maybe one of you can coax her into spilling the beans.  I think if she got them off her chest she might be able to stop them from going round and round in her head…right?

Anyway, the Dr suggested that when she puts the drops in her eye to gently hold the tear duct next to the bridge of the nose closed for two minutes to stop the medication from entering her blood system and then her brain.  He thinks this may stop or at least slow down the bad dreams.

We shall see….

Sweet dreams to everyone,