I am going to check for patents on the great hat pictured above.  If I had known of it last week, I would have had Pappa put one together for me!

Is it a Cold, the Flu or Pneumonia? 
  Cold Flu Bacterial Pneumonia
 Fever Rare in adults Usual
Abrupt onset*
Abrupt onset**
Headache Rare Usual Usual
Aches & Pains Rare Usual,
often severe
Fatigue/Weakness Slight  Extreme Slight to Moderate
Runny, Stuffy Nose Common Sometimes Sometimes
Sneezing Usual Sometimes Sometimes
Sore Throat Common Sometimes Sometimes
Chest Pain
Mild to moderate
hacking cough 
Common, can be severe  Severe cough & stabbing chest
pain ***
* Fever tends to be high 102-104 o F and lasts 3 to 4 days.
** Fever tends to be high 101-105 o F. 
*** Difficult painful breathing and a cough with thick rust, green or yellow mucus are common signs.

 I went to the Dr, was tested for Swine Flu – which was negative and was prescribed an antibiotic.  I’m in the third day of treatment now and still drippy, congested, and headachy, but my energy level is better. 

Boy, do I wish I had a mommy and my blanket to cuddle like little Jason did.  Poor little guy.  He was such a trooper.

sniff, sniff, kaw-sheeeew!

Love you all,