The Brandie Cave

December 18 will make Brandie’s one year anniversary of joining our family.  She’s over her fear of people and seldom if ever shows her teeth to anyone anymore.  Once in a while you’ll see her raise her lip to strange dogs if they approach too fast, but that’s just to set her boundaries.  She is sweet-tempered, very loyal and VERY loving.  I’m surprised at how considerate she is.  She always thinks about how we’ll react to something before she initiates any kind of interaction.  She tells me when it’s time to take a break from my desk, when it’s time for dinner, or a walk and even when it’s time to go to bed.  She talks to us when Pappa and I hug or if we laugh too loud.  She joins in our activities with full gusto and enthusiasm.  She guards our home and ALWAYS lets us know if something funky is happening in the yard.  Not that she barks excessively or anything like that but EVERY TIME she barks to alert us there is unusual activity outside.  She is the best alarm system I could ever get. 

Last Sunday Michael brought the dog crate pictured above to our house.  Brigitte had rescued it from a rubbish pile in front of a house and was sweet enough to offer it to us for Brandie.  I’ve always wanted one just in case of emergency, like a hurricane or something.  Brandie is so well-behaved I’d never put her into it and lock the door unless something REALLY drastic was going on.  Anyway, I wiped it down, Folded a soft comforter from Goodwill to fit the bottom (I folded and wrapped it with an old sheet for easy washing). Then I covered the top and sides with several large towels.  Before I was even done setting it up Brandie claimed it as hers.  She LOVES it!  She’s slept in it every night and if she senses I’m going out without her she goes into it while she’s watching me get ready.  I’ve never closed the door and don’t intend to. 

She thinks of it as the Brandie Cave…safe, soft, warm, secure… and it’s HERS.

I never realized how much a dog likes the cozy and safe feeling she clearly gets from her little cave. 

Thank you Brigitte and Michael!

I love you,