Oma’s Advent Wreath


 It’s so festive in Oma’s house.  Today I walked in to find the beautiful wreath on the dining room table that Oma (with Annette’s hep) put together.  Really pretty waltz type music was softly playing in the background and Oma is enjoying her cup of lemonade and a game of solitaire. I stayed till she finished and of course she won! She does enjoy her card game.  Annette was in the background cooking a beautiful chicken and mashed potato dinner.  The salad looked so colorful and fresh.  Annette had baked a banana bread with no flour…she used oatmeal that she blended in the blender to make a nice oat flour.  I tasted it and it was delicious!  Very moist and guilt free…How good is oatmeal…?!  Much better than wheat flour, right?!

Waiting to hear from Pete and Rosa, they went to look at puppies earlier.  And waiting to hear from Stephanie, wondering how her trip home from visiting her Dad and sisters in Tennessee went.

Lots of love,