Talking to Peter!


Smile! You are on Candid Camera!

Oma loves talking to Peter on the phone in the evenings.  She actually hurries through her after dinner routine to be sure to be at the phone by 7 o’clock.  She had two episodes yesterday…in anticipation of Connie and Jose coming to clean the house and yard.  The stress really built up in her because Annette had an all day class for H& R Block today too.  She had a rough night and was a little “goofy” this morning.  But when she woke from her nap she seemed quite a bit better.  Her eyes were impacted also….keep Oma in your prayers that she regain her vision as she heals.  We do have an eye Dr appointment this week anyway cause the pressure in the eye has been high.  The Dr said her loss of vision from the episodes is from brain damage not damage to the eye itself.  She had a hair cut this week, she took a nice shower this morning, Connie cleaned and Jose mowed.  She should be all settled for the Holidays now.  She’s looking forward to having Brigitte and Mike down and Travis and Ingrid and of course Chris will come over.  With Ruth, Pappa and me it’ll be a small group this year.  Pappa and I will be visiting Jason, Shelly and Brian over the New Year and we are looking forward to it… HO! HO! HO!

I love you all,