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All Right Family! 

I challenge you to try something fun and rewarding!

While visiting Peter and Rosa last month, Rosa turned me on to the most delicious fruit ever.  It was gently sweet and succulent and I’ve craved it ever since.  Rosa sent me home with several large chunk of peel that is full of seeds.  I put the peels on a plate on the patio and allowed peel and seeds to dry out. 

Now….I’m ready to plant the seeds…so as is typical these days, when I don’t know, I google it.  Here’s what I found:

Dragon Fruit seeds germinate very quickly.

1.  Place potting soil and sand mixture in container

2. Sprinkle seeds on top

3. Cover with a VERY LIGHT layer of soil mixture

4. Keep moist (but not drenched)

5. Cover with plastic bag until the seeds sprout – to retain moisture

6.  Remove plastic cover once seeds have sprouted to prevent mold

Dragon Fruit plants are actually cactus that like to climb and cling to trees, trellises, fences or some other type of support.  They grow relatively quickly and become large.  The flowers bloom at night.  They can stand temps up to 104 and will tolerate a short freeze, but not a prolonged freeze.  I saw pictures of some plant in large pots and that’s what I would do if my area was in a freeze zone.  Since I’m not, my plant will end up in the yard and if we get freeze warnings I’ll cover the plant. 

I’m very excited to get the seeds started and will probably use a plastic container that has the lid attached, like what cherry tomatoes come in.  By the way, you’ll need to find a China Market or Asian grocery store to get your first fruit.  I won’t be able to hold out till my plants bear fruit…I’m going to google a China Market in my area right now!

I love you all!