Ya, Ya, Ya, Just call me.

What a creative bunch of guesses! 

Hard to believe but Oma got it! The whole answer!  Michelle guessed right too but not completely like Oma.  Should Michelle just get 1/2 a Rum Cake?

Since Oma is not on line I printed out a picture for her and of course she asked me where I got it. 

 I explained that it was a secret until the contest was over….about 3 or 4 times… I was visiting with her right after one of Pete’s calls and just relaxing in the chair across from her spot on the sofa.  We were just chatting and suddenly she’d say: “Where did you get the picture?” and I’d laugh and repeat that she has to guess and that she could win a yummy Rum Cake from Pappa.  She’d shake her head, laugh and keep chatting about something else.   A few minutes later she’d say: “So, where did you get it?”  This went on for about 1/2 hour when suddenly she says: “I know where you got it!” and sure enough she guessed it.  

The only thing is I can’t say online because it’s still supposed to be a secret!  

Ok…know this…Oma has the answer and she has full authority to tell anyone she wants…I just can’t post it online (you know- just in case) 

Oma is the winner of the contest and she is also the winner cause now she’ll get a bunch of phone calls from curious family members!  Right?!  

It was fun for me!  How was it for you?! #@)$*$%($&(@#~~!!


Nanna loves you all!

I Know the Secret! LOL!


Who said that? Where are they?!