It's STRAWBERRIES! Brandie LOVES strawberries!

  What a surprise to discover Brandie LOVES Strawberries!  Pappa just wanted to show her that she probably didn’t really want them (while he was cleaning them etc) so he showed her the cut off top and she wanted to eat it.  Then Pappa offered her slices of strawberries and she couldn’t quit!  You’d have thought she was getting steak!  The only other strawberry lovers I know that like strawberries that much


are Shelly and Jason!

Then of course we have Oma with her beloved herring, which Annette and I enjoyed just as much.
And lastly, we have Ice cream…. she only got the one teaspoon…don’t worry we are keeping her on her diet…thank goodness strawberries are GREAT for diets!
Lots of Love,