Boo Boo 😦

Jason had a fall at the museum today and needed 4 stitches on his chin. 

Carrying a bloody baby, with bloody shirt to the front desk Mommy asked if someone was there that specialized in first aid, the volunteer at the desk said something along the line of “yes” and went about his work.  One needed to be there to witness Mommy Michelle’s reaction to this imbecile!   Yes, the guy is alive but his pay has been cut to negative $500 a day!
At the hospital Jason was incredibly co-operative for the stitches.  It got a little tough when his legs were being restrained by one person, his shoulders and head by another and his arms by another.  His cries went along the lines of: “Mommy is here, Daddy is here, I’ Stuck!  Lets go home!” 
He’s such a little champ.  We love you Jason!
See you tomorrow,