Ivette - Nina's Guardian Angel #1



Nina’s Chariott to a Wonderful New Life
Nina’s rescue story started when Ivette posted a plea for help.  She discovered Nina near a construction yard where huge equipment was held during the night.  It was relatively fenced and Nina had been calling it her turf for almost a year now.  She had been abandoned when she was just a pup, according to Ivette.  Ivette had been feeding her for quite a few months now but had been unsuccessful in capturing her to take her to safety.  Some constructions workers didn’t mind her and would throw her a sandwich or some other snack once in a while.  Other constructions workers didn’t like her and would yell at her to get lost.  She was pretty confused as to who she could trust and where she really belonged.  When Brigitte saw Ivette’s plea for help things started falling into place.  Brigitte worked diligently to find a humane trap but to no avail.  She finnaly broke down and bought one.  Brigitte befriended JoAnn and her husband Tom from West Palm who traveled to deep South Miami to set up the trap and try to coax Nina at least 4 different times (4 hour round trip).  Brigitte called about 9:30 Saturday night to update me that Nina had been captured.  Ivette was alone at the construction site with the trapped dog and did not want to leave her for fear Nina might be hurt or afraid if left alone.  JoAnn and Tom had just returned home from Miami – setting the trap – to get the call that she was in it.  When Brigitte called Rocky and I brought Ivette some hot cocoa and the camera and wanted to make sure she was not alone.  We would wait with her.  When we got there it was very cold, the trap was chained to a pole and we were ankle deep in mud.  We offered to bring Nina 1/2 way to Jo and Tom but the trap was chained to the pole… That is until Rocky got a hold of it.  He loosened the pole from the ground and proceeded to pick it right up, through the chain and the trap was free.  We went home to get the big comforter to cover the cage.  It was so cold we wanted to protect Nina from the bite of the wind on the road.  And off we took.  We met at Brigitte and Mike’s where JoAnn and Tom were waiting in front of the fireplace with celebratory wine glasses.  Nina is now at Jo and Tom’s house – along with 12 other rescues and the rest speaks for itself. 
Love from Nanna

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Nina passes through the door to a new life!